Preliminary note

This page provides information about the International Reunions for the History of Nautical Science. The first reunion was held in Coimbra, Portugal, in 1968; according to a group of Portuguese scholars deeply involved in the technical subjects of the navigations in Early Modern History (Armando Cortesão, Luís de Albuquerque and Avelino Teixeira da Mota), those matters where almost ignored in the reunions of the Commission International d'Histoire Maritime, successfully promoted by Michel Mollat du Jordin since the early 50's.
Since the beginning, Nautical Science, History of Nautical Cartography and Shipbuilding where the core subjects in these Reunions.
We have now 12 volumes of Proceedings, with more than 5000 pages, and this page presents a general overview of this materials. From now on we also intend it to be the immediate source of information for future Reunions and other subjects connected with the Committee activities.

To enroll please go to DOWNLOADS page, download the membership form and fill it. Membership due for 2012/2013 is 20€/25USD.
Each Reunion has its own Organizing Committee fully in charge of the scientific program, but it is necessary to enroll as member to attend the Reunions as participant.
We suggest that you propose your paper and enroll after it is accepted by the Organizing Committee, if you do not want to enroll in advance.