XVI International Reunion for the History of Nautical Science

Call for Papers

Dear colleagues and friends,
As arranged last November in El Ferrol, the next reunion for the International Committee for the History of Nautical Science will be held
October 3-6, 2012
in Bremerhaven (Germany) at the German Maritime Museum.
The general conference theme will be:
Nautical Science and the transmission of knowledge
The ideas of the theme are manifold:
-          transmission of knowledge from a chronological point of view: transmission from one generation to the next, education etc.
-          transmission of knowledge from science to the practitioners and vice versa
-          transmission of knowledge from a geographical point of view: between countries and cultures
Conference language: English
During your stay
, the museum with its interesting exhibitions and exhibits – among them the historic Hanseatic cog from 1380 - as well as its library and archives, will be accessible by the participants. Additionally we have organized interesting and attractive excursions and visits to the bridge simulator at the biggest navigation school of Germany in Elsfleth, to the port of Bremerhaven, to the modern radar surveillance centre here, and more. We are looking forward to welcoming you here.
Please send your submissions including an abstract of 100-150 words before end of February 2012. Title and abstract will be put on the website as soon as the program is complete.
Please check the
website of the Reunion of further details.
With kind regards
Albrecht Sauer
(sauer at dsm.museum)